Kids Dentistry

A few years ago, I read somewhere that finding the right dentist for your child is like finding a warm cuddly blanket- a comfortable and secure environment!

A large percentage of our patients are kids and we work towards providing them this secure environment.

Ideally, a child’s first visit to the dentist should be scheduled by their first birthday, or sooner if there is anything that concerns you. Prevention is always better than cure and also saves a lot of money. Kids also get accustomed to the dental practice environment and it becomes a normal part of their life.

A child’s first visit to the dentist is a momentous occasion. At their first visit, they normally just have a ride in the chair, we count their teeth and even do some magic tricks on the chair. They get a little gift to celebrate this occasion before they leave.

Parents play a very important role in making the child’s visit a pleasant experience. If we are nervous or anxious, our kids pick up on it. It’s important that the parents are positive about these visits and never use the dentist as a deterrent for bad behaviour such as not brushing teeth.

All our dentists are parents themselves and understand that sometimes, these visits can become stressful. We give the kids the care and attention they need, while maintaining a clear communication. We use words and explanations that are age appropriate for your child and easy to understand. We give them control when performing procedures, like asking them to lift their hand when they would like us to stop.

Once we have assessed your child’s oral health, we are able to discuss oral hygiene, dental decay, habits such as dummy or thumb sucking, check the bite, discuss the diet and also give parents some tips on how to best clean their child’s teeth.

Our staff are well trained in meeting the needs of our little people and we all work together to make the kids feel special. It’s little wonder, then, that most kids ask only one question when they leave- ‘When can we come back?’